Saturday, 19 October 2013

Deer spotting and foraging season!

It seems I chose a very wet Sunday to go to Parham House for the deer spotting and foraging event last weekend but I wasn't going to let a little English rain put me off...
Parham House

1130am and on the deer spotting walk - very informative with Jim from Parham estate heading up the event giving us lots of information about the "rutting season". This is the time of year when male deer are driven by the urge to reproduce. From October to early November you will hear groaning and belching sounds coming from the woods together with the sounds of clashing antlers as males show off their virility to potential mates.

We stayed well sheltered under the old oak trees whilst we listened to the talk, keeping quite still to spot the estate deer...
Parham House Grounds
Back to base and at 1pm on the fungi foraging tour - a couple of "chaps in the know" advising us what you can and can't eat from Beefsteak fungus, to Horn of Plenty, Hedgehog Fungus and more!
Beefsteak Mushroom!
I have to say its a good job we had an expert to advise since at first sight this Beefsteak mushroom that I picked did not look appetizing but I was reassured that it will be delicious...pan fried beefsteak mushroom with beetroot and horseradish salad anyone?! I will still be cautious and only pick when with an expert - but it was a very interesting talk and one can go on advanced courses which is something I will definitely do in the future!
Beefsteak Mushroom!
The weekend of wildlife spotting didn't end there! On my trip to Climping on Sunday I caught a cheeky little peacock running out of the reception at Balliffscourt Spa...
A cheeky Peacock running out of the reception at Balliffscourt Spa!
I'm looking forward to  more nature watching and foraging on the doorstep of the hotel this I'm off to the festival of Fungi at Pulborough Brooks RSPB!

Lissette x

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